"Bitch, I do what I want"


Maybe you shouldn't say this other people but I really want you to start thinking this instead of beating yourself up for not living up to everyone else's expectations.

I want you to stop being your own biggest critic and letting other people's opinions determine how you live your life and feel about yourself.

We've spent a lifetime being told who we need to be to succeed.

We spent years trying to fit in, be like the other girls so we'll feel accepted, be pretty and thin and desirable enough to get the guy, get the job, or be one of the cool moms on the playground.

We did it as girls, we did it as teens, we do it as mothers and grown as women and business owners.

We've spent our entire lives letting the bitch in our head convince us we aren't good enough and if we just work hard to be better THEN we'll have everything we want.

It's time to stop letting everyone else's opinions and those old bullshit beliefs run the show.  

it's time to write your own rules


Most of us didn’t grow up even seeing women who loved themselves, let alone been taught HOW to love ourselves. Your inner critic has likely run the show for as long as long as you can remember.  In fact, you might not even realize that pesky voice telling you you aren’t enough, you can’t do it, or that you’ll never achieve your goals, is not actually you.

She’s your inner bitch and it’s time to call her out for what she really is...a liar.

It’s time to separate the truth of who YOU are from the negative voice in your head. It’s time to give yourself you so freely give your people. Unconditional love, acceptance, and an unwavering belief in your own potential


Mothers who show their daughters and sons HOW to love themselves, chase their dreams, and accept nothing less than all they deserve.

We can’t teach what we don’t know.

We can’t do better for our children if we continue to perpetuate the cycle of self doubt, self sabotage, and self abandonment.

Learn to love yourself fully, for them.

Figure out exactly who you are so you can show your kids how to do the same.

Show your daughters what a happy, confident, whole woman looks like.

Stop giving yourself away, running on fumes, denying your desires and believing the utter bullshit that you're only a good mom when you come last, or that you haven’t done enough to earn what your soul craves.

Make learning to love yourself fully your top priority, so you can show your sons and daughters how it's done.


If you have the courage to put yourself first and write your own rules NOW (not after the new year, not when the kids go back to school, not when there is more time, or more money, NOW!), everything in your life will begin to change, fast.

A woman who is in love with herself does not have the time to be bothered giving a shit about what anyone else thinks.

A woman who values her voice and her desires isn't afraid to speak up and go for what she wants.

A woman who loves herself is totally free...free from doubt, free from comparison, free from the fears that she is not enough.

A full, expansive, exciting, limitless life is waiting for the woman who believes she is not only worthy of it, but fully capable of making it happen.

A woman who knows her worth in this world is fucking unstoppable.

It’s time to go back to basics. 

Class is in session.

Enrollment is now open for Self Love School


Be done with self doubt and feeling not enough

Stop searching outside for validation, attention, and approval from others

Feel so good about who you are that you never feel the need to compare yourself to another woman ever again

Learn the difference between your intuition and inner critic so you can distinguish the truth of who you really are from all the lies

Become a magnet for your desires

Feel sexy and strong in your body

Have more patience and peace in motherhood or

Just feel really good about yourself, every damn day...



21 INDIVIDUAL SELF LOVE LESSONS over day 21 days. Each lesson will include a short, audio training, an inspirational quote, daily affirmation,  specific journal prompt and simple homework assignment you can easily complete within your busy day.


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VIDEO 6: How to Hire Help

VIDEO 7: Self Love to Success

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