Grateful for your incredible life, but deep down know you’re meant for so much more?

Hey momma...

I know you love your kids and your family, I know you have a pretty great, enviable life, a life that you tell yourself should be enough and yet, I know there’s a persistent nagging desire for more.

 You want to be seen, to be celebrated, to be known for something BIG. 

 You want to be, do, and have MORE than what’s reasonable.

 You want life to feel more exciting, adventurous, and rewarding than it does right now.

 You might have no idea what that looks like, what that means, or how the hell to figure it out, but you can’t deny that deep in your bones you know you were made for not only the good life, but a life beyond most women’s wildest dreams.

 You want it ALL and you want it now.


This is not a fantasy. 


It’s my reality and the reality of hundreds of women I’ve coached who are also busy moms but now living with MORE.

💖 More power, pleasure, passion and purpose (think less stress, living on autopilot, and doing everything for everyone else and more time for yourself, fun, friendships, rest, and time to connect with your purpose beyond motherhood).


🤑More impact and income (making a difference in the world while making money)


🥂 More luxury in everyday life (time & resources for solo travel, serious wardrobe & self care upgrades, quality over quantity in all areas, and refined & elevated  environments)


⏰ More time and energy to enjoy their success (no more doing shit you hate, getting up at 4 am, hustling yourself into the ground or feeling like your success costs your life)


🥰 More patience and presence with their families (forget the mommy meltdowns, passive aggressive rants, guilt, overwhelm, or feeling like the only way you can get a break is to hide, run away or get sick)


📆 More freedom to make her own schedule, do what she wants how she wants, and stop letting everyone else’s schedule determine what is or isn’t possible for her


🙌 More liberated to be who she deep down knows she is meant to be…bolder, sexier, happier, more audacious, outrageous, and courageous


Let me guess, you want to be the star of your own life in a way that makes you a little terrified to admit out loud.

Nothing scares you more than being average. 

The nagging desire has been there for years, but figuring out “what the hell do I actually even really want?” certainly never made it to the top of your priority list. Lately though, it’s getting too loud to ignore. Life is speeding up, you see the years flying by in the rear view mirror and you’re sick of wondering “when will it be my turn?” 


You’re starting to realize if you don’t make it a priority, your entire life might pass you by before you actually get to know who you really are and what you’re really capable of.

you realize you're running out of somedays


Here’s what I need you to know...


 It’s not the mistakes we most regret but the un-lived life...the words unsaid, the dreams un-chased, the years spent aimlessly reacting instead of moving forward with intention.  


 The only thing worse than trying and failing is never trying at all, wondering what might have been if you had the courage to go for it.


 Do you remember that scene in True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, where he’s interrogating her about why she agreed to go to Paris with Simon and pose as his wife. Curtis, a middle age wife and mother with a boring legal secretary job breaks down and says “I wanted to do something outrageous! It's just there's so much I want to do with this life and it feels that I haven't done any of it. You know, the sand is running out of the hourglass, and I want to look back and say, see, I did that, that was me, I was reckless and I was wild, and I fucking did it.


You're not crazy, you're just starting to realize the sand is running out of the hourglass.

Do you know, deep down (even if you’re afraid to admit it to yourself) that you are meant to live such a BIGGER life than you are living right now?


Do you dream of becoming wildly successful and creating an exceptional life beyond anything you’ve ever thought was actually possible (but crave deeply in your bones)?


Do you want to live bolder, be braver, walk with more confidence, make a difference, leave your mark, and scream “I am here!” to a world that doesn’t seem to see you as anything other than a wife and mother?


At the end of your life, do you want to know that you played full out, left everything on the field, knew yourself well, gave it your all, took big risks, failed gloriously, learned, healed, grew, forgave, loved, and lived an incredibly full and satisfying life?

These aren’t just meaningless thoughts...


they’re desires from your heart trying to get your attention


That feeling that something is missing…it isn’t wrong.


 You don’t have to have it all figured out to begin, but you do need to begin to figure it out.


Ready to learn how to live like your life is on the line

because, in case you forgot, it actually is. 

There is no right time, there’s just right now.


The Made for More Society is an annual membership and community for women who are committed to not only figuring out the more they were meant for, but determined to create the big life they long to live. It’s a safe place for you to admit that your great life simply isn’t good enough and to figure out...

WHY you’re unsatisfied

WHAT you really want

HOW to make it happen

in the Made for More Society you're going to learn how to

CREATE SPACE for YOU in your life & on your calendar


✂️ First I’m gonna help you CUT YOUR OBLIGATIONS, COMMITMENTS AND TO DO LIST IN HALF so you have less shit on your plate, stress on your mind, and pressure weighing on you each day




💔Then we’re gonna work to REPAIR AND REBUILD THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP YOU'LL EVER HAVE - THE ONE WITH YOURSELF so you can better hear, honor, and trust YOURSELF over everyone else (think less people pleasing, stronger boundaries, and being able to say NO without guilt)

SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY - we’re shaking up everything you think you know from:


💖 who you are and what you want

👩‍👧‍👦 what really makes a good woman & mother

💰how success and achievement actually works

🚫 why what you’re currently doing will never satisfy you

✨ how to see the abundant magical, limitless possibilities & solutions you’re missing out on that are literally right in front of you

😇 why all your “dirty” little desires are actually your divine marching orders and the necessary steps towards creating your most epic life

TAKE ALIGNED ACTION to make real, sustainable change right now.

No more talking, hoping, and wishing.


🏃‍♀️I’m going to show you exactly how to walk through the fear and doubt and do the damn things and make the damn changes that feel right for you.

I know I can help you, because I am you...

Or should I say, I was you before I learned that life is easier, more satisfying, and way more fun when you have the courage to say YES to what you really want. 

hi, i'm emilie...

and all I ever wanted was to be a mom. I thought motherhood alone would be enough.

 It wasn’t. 

 My entire life I thought it was my purpose. I never considered doing anything besides having babies and living happily ever after. I thought motherhood would fulfill me in every way. 

When I had everything I thought I wanted and it wasn’t enough, I spent a decade feeling confused about what I actually wanted,  ashamed to want more, and afraid that if I made myself a priority I would hurt my family.

I was in my early 30s with 4 beautiful babies, the privilege of being a stay at home mom, and deep resentment, loneliness, and longing for so much more.


Here’s what I’ve come to know:

I love my children.

I love being a mom.

But I love me too. 

I found my way out of the beliefs and rules I thought were required to be a good mother. I figured out that while being Charlie, Sam, Henry and Vivienne’s mom is the most incredible privilege of my life, it isn’t ALL of my life.

I’ve spent the last 10 years working to become a model, not a martyr, and instead of telling my kids to believe in themselves, trust themselves, and chase their big dreams…I’m showing them how.

Today I have both a fast growing business AND the time to be with my family. I’ve grown my hobby blog into a multiple 6 figure business that allows me flexibility, to live out my purpose, serve other moms, and make money doing what I love. 

As a spiritual+success coach, I help the made for more mom find the time to prioritize herself, figure out what's missing, become the damn woman she’s always know she was meant to be, and create a fuck yes life, all without following their rules. 

I’ve gone from overwhelmed, exhausted, resentful, lost and lonely to living my purpose, doing what I love every damn day,  traveling the world, leading hundreds of women, feeling powerful, sexy, confident, and most importantly, a happier, more present mom than I ever was.

What might surprise you is I spent most of my life pleasing others, trying to be like everyone else, feeling terrified of conflict or confrontation, and worried about being accepted and approved of above all else. All I ever wanted was to fit in. 

today, I’m determined to stand out


I’m know I’m made for so much more than what I was told was supposed to be enough (but isn’t).

I know that all of my desires, both big and small, have been leading me here all along.

I know that all I had to do to get where I am today was admit I wanted more, make figuring it out a non-negotiable, and keep saying YES to all the things that made me feel alive.

What is it time for you to say YES to?


She tapped into her passion for educating and supporting other moms struggling with the symptoms, fear, and grief associated with managing an autoimmune diagnosis. Within the year she became a certified health coach, LEFT HER 9-5 as a police detective and STARTED HER OWN HEALTH COACHING BUSINESS.  She now makes HER OWN SCHEDULE, SPENDS MORE TIME AT HOME WITH HER KIDS, AND LIVES FULLY ON PURPOSE, using her own story and struggle to help other moms. 

“Before Emilie I was lost. I knew I wanted to become a health coach, that there was more for me, but as busy mom and wife, I couldn’t see a path to that life anytime soon.  At best it was a “someday” dream. 

When I started working with Emilie, things started happening, quickly! I figured out exactly what was missing and how to get there. She helped me uncover parts of myself that had been hidden for too long. I rediscovered who I had been all along. I kept digging and haven’t stopped learning more and more about myself almost 4 years later.

Today, I am living that “someday day” life. I am happier, more confident and pursuing even bigger dreams. I know I wouldn’t have gotten here as quickly without Emilie’s insights, process, and support."

- Ashley Daniels @AshleyDanielsCoaching


She’s inspiring and educating women how to use fashion to love and pamper themselves more.  She teaches them how to combine what they already have with new and vintage pieces to create signature looks that reflect their own personal style all while feeling amazing. SHE LEARNED TO SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC SO SHE COULD FIND HER OWN VOICE AND INSPIRATION. Together we created new habits, broke old patterns, and walked through the fears as she BUILT THE BUSINESS GROUND WORK while her kids were still home. Now that they’re both in school, she’s free to scour the racks for vintage finds, build her online and in person boutique, and share powerful styling and self love messages on her social media….ALL WITHOUT THE GUILT, OVERWHELM OR DOUBT that kept her stuck for years.

“Before working with Emilie I felt like the only way to grow my business was to sacrifice everything else OR the ONLY way to be a good mom was to sacrifice myself.  Also believing that if I wanted something done, if I wanted success, if I wanted anything really, that I was the one that had to make it happen.  That with enough sheer force, determination, sacrifice, blood, tears….that what I wanted would be mine.

Emilie showed me that living a life you love, running a successful business, and being present with your family doesn’t have to ONLY come from sacrifice. That getting what I wanted wasn’t selfish nor did it have to come at the cost of everything else, that self abandoning wasn’t making me a better mom, in fact quite the opposite.  I can never go back to the life and woman I was before I met Emilie….she’s literally changed my life with what she has taught me and modeled.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am today both in my personal life and business if it weren’t for her."

Ceci Foltz @june&jane


She UNCOVERED WHY SHE STRUGGLED TO GIVE UP THE CONTROL that kept her working way too hard, LEARNED HOW TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT DOING LESS and letting her husband and kids do more, and created new habits, routines, and beliefs that ALLOWED HER TO SLOW DOWN WITHOUT THE GUILT. She’s happier, less resentful, and ENJOYING HER FAMILY SO MUCH  MORE.

"Before working with Emilie I was struggling. I didn’t like who I was becoming with the pressures of motherhood. After working with Emilie, I became so much more self-aware. I learned how to ask myself deeper questions, reflect on who I was before kids, figure out what I really wanted and what was stopping me from becoming the person I knew I was meant to be. I began asking for things I needed and felt zero guilt about it.  I set boundaries. I grew more than I ever had in my adult life and felt more confident as a mom and woman. I can’t recommend Emilie enough!" 

- Samantha Alber

The Made for More Society isn’t going to tell you what you should do, who you should be, or how to get great at playing the game of life (a game that was NEVER designed for you to win). Rather, it’s going to teach you how to lead YOURSELF towards all of the answers you’ve been searching for so you’ll never look outside yourself for directions, validation, or approval ever again.

Women have been told for too long that they need to become someone or something else to succeed…that they need to be more to have more.

 Not only are you already enough momma, you’ve done enough for an entire lifetime.

 You’re already worthy of all the desires of your heart WITHOUT working any harder.

I Need This! I'm In!

what woman are shifting & celebrating...

here's how it works


As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to the Welcome video, bonus content (designed to help you free up some time immediately and set you up for success) and the new (and growing!) Made for More Society Facebook community. Here you’ll connect with other moms on this journey and quickly come to realize you definitely aren’t alone. 



All of the content is ready for you to begin at your own pace, although you will be prompted on how best to navigate the content and where to begin. You'll have access to all of the programs, videos, trainings and bundles below during your time enrolled in Made for More Society.


 Once a month you’ll join me for a live group Q&A coaching call where I’ll answer your questions, help you navigate the content library to maximize your unique struggles & goals, and support you as you implement what you’re learning into your life. 



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build the foundation

As soon as you join, dive into the bonus content, The Create Space Module and Make Space Bundle (filled with over 10 programs/trainings) so you can cut your obligations, commitments, and to-do list in half and have less shit on your plate, stress on your mind, and pressure weighing on you each day.

Here we will build the foundation required for doing the deeper work. 


see things differently

We’re diving in deep to find what’s holding you back, keeping you stuck, and self sabotaging you. You’re going to face and challenge ALL your beliefs and crack the door to begin seeing the world completely differently.

This radical shift and new perspective will allow you to leave the guilt, overwhelm, and overwork in the past as you adopt powerful new ways of thinking, being, and moving through the world.


be supported

As you work through what you're learning in the included content and new programs, I'll be there supporting you in the FB group and on our monthly calls. You’re going to learn how to take bold, confident action in direction of the change you feel called to make in your life.

Here we will work with the fears and uncertainty & start seeing incredible results.




She went from hiding, struggling with self doubt, and PLAYING REALLY SMALL IN LIFE AND BUSINESS to gaining the confidence she needed to show up as the powerful boss babe she was always meant to be. As she experienced more self connection, self love, and personal style her CONFIDENCE SKYROCKETED ALONGSIDE HER INCOME. She just bought her dream home, got back from a luxurious trip to Paris, and is growing her family while continuing to prioritize herself and her dreams. 


"Emilie has helped me find myself, my confidence, and my inner voice again. This has helped my personal life and my business transform. My business wasn't thriving, I was inconsistent and struggling to put myself out there. Now I am consistently hitting my goals each and every month. When I started I was only selling $300 a month on average now I'm up to $2k or more in sales! My results are finally aligning hand in hand with my dreams! I love who I am becoming more and more each day! Our finances and my happiness has never been better!"

- Laura MacMillian, Mary Kay Consultant


As a driven, hard working woman who had overcome unbelievable odds, Vanja knew she could create and launch a successful life coaching business, however she wanted to learn to do it the feminine. After a lifetime of struggle, hard work, and overcoming, she learned to soften, do less and receive more,  manifest intentionally, and help other moms find their path and purpose.


"Before I came across Emilie I thought all the answers I was seeking were somewhere out there. Emilie has helped me get in touch with my inner self and trust more than anything else. She empowered me to take a leap of faith into my “someday dream” and make it happen now. I am in love with my new journey and forever grateful to Emilie’s encouragement, guidance, and support."

- Vanja Taha Life Coach


The emotional drain from months of a colicky baby and then the stress and worry from navigating his speech delays left Joan exhausted, overwhelmed, and totally disconnected from who she was outside her role as Gene’s mom. Joan brought art back into her life and used drawing to find her voice again as she reconnected her with her passion, spirit, and femininity.  


"Emilie helped me look critically at my life, the stories driving me, and how to change direction. Powerful coaching conversations and journaling exercises helped me see and understand my beliefs about marriage and motherhood and how I had lost sight of myself. Being so caught up in the expectations of my roles I left so little room for me and depression followed. Emilie helped lead me out and showed me evidence of my true self everywhere." 

- Joan Varitek, Illustrator


Create more time in your average week 

Say no to things you don’t want to do but feel you have to

Navigate the guilt that makes it hard to prioritize yourself 

Stop being driven by your to-do list

Interpret your anger, frustration, and the mommy meltdowns to get clarity on what you really want and need AND learn how to ask for it

Stop the feelings of overwhelm instantaneously, no matter how busy you are

Recognize where fear and proving/hustling is driving you to do more than necessary

Ditch the idea of work life balance and embrace harmony instead

Delegate and eliminate shit you hate

Witness & observe your thoughts to gain clarity on what’s really going on

Differentiate your inner critic from your inner guide-ess

Better align your calendar, commitments and to-do list to what feels good 

Set boundaries like a boss and protect your time, energy, and attention

Develop a nourishing daily spiritual practice that doesn’t take hours to implement

Witness unhelpful thought and fears and shift them 

Be kinder, less judgemental, and more loving to yourself

Deepen your self connection to strengthen your intuition and self trust

Heal the disempowered parts of yourself, face your shadows, and let go of the strive for perfectionism, people pleasing, and proving your worth to the world.


"Working with Emilie was just the change I needed in my life. Doing her program opened my eyes to so many of the personal and professional road blocks I was tripping myself up on and I'm so grateful for the clarity I received as result of working with her."

- April

"I feel so motivated now to believe in myself so that I can show other women to do the same. I also have value that I can add to the world. So silly that I didn’t believe that. I was always focused on what I didn’t know more than what I do know. When I think about how far I’ve come in the past 5 or 10 years, hell yes, I am valuable!!! I needed me!”

- Julie

“I have shifted into a better version of myself. And I am continuing on that journey. I am taking ownership and radical responsibility for my life and how it looks. I am the one who has the power to make a change for myself and my family. “

- Laura

you'll also learn...

Why the path to success you thought would bring you happiness never will (and what to do instead)

How you’ve been trained to trust the world over yourself and why you feel lost, lonely, and unsure of what to do next

Why you’re deeply unsatisfied despite having everything you thought you wanted

Why being the good girl sucks and how to put her to bed for good so the REAL, messy, loud, needy, selfish, sexy, powerful you can come out to play

How to burn down giving a shit about what other people think and any last shred of fear, imposter syndrome, or "who am I?" bullshit you're clinging to

How to stop blindly following, copying, and envying other people (in both life and biz) 

Why you must learn to do what you want, how you want, even if others don't approve

Why falling in love with your life, prioritizing fun and pleasure, and feeling good always brings more joy, connection, success, and money 

The connection between guilt and self sabotage (and how to free yourself from both)

How to tap into and follow divine inspiration so you always know what to do next

I am in receiving mode. And boss mode. I can see a different future. And I am so fucking ready.”

- Christina

“Thank you! I can feel my badass coming back! I feel the shifts, I hear and feel the nudges, and I am tossing out negative thoughts and replacing with gratitude. I feel the heat under my ass! I am ready to ROCK!”

- Courtney

“We are meant to live amazing, happy, joyful, inspired lives! And because I want something I am meant to have it!”

- Kellie

if you desire to...

Learn how to use the law of attraction (the right way!) to turn up your magnetism, so you can attract more of what you desire into your life WITHOUT working harder 

Uncover the bullshit lies (you think are true) that women have been lead to believe for centuries that are keeping them small, silent, and stuck

Harness the magic of magnifying time, accessing the quantum field, and shifting reality to accelerate your results

Claim the wild abundance that is waiting for you to stop resisting and let it in

Access your emotional super powers, turn up your magic, and unleash the best version of YOU into the world

Trust and follow your desires (big and small) to uncover your personal path to success

Stop controlling everything and learn to trust and surrender and let life be easier than you thought possible 

How to build up your strength to do scary shit so you can be, do, and have more than you’re allowing right now

Build your courage and grow your confidence

How to take action before you feel ready, embrace and work with fear, navigate scary leaps, and claim a BIGGER life that requires a stronger, bolder version of who you are right now

Fail fast, innovate and experiment, and embrace a spirit of curiosity and exploration

To embrace, trust, and show the fuck up as who you really are because when you do, literally everything else will fall into place 




As the breadwinner of her family and a successful, take no-shit woman crushing it in her corporate career, Caroline was struggling behind the scenes. She knew she wanted a more fulfilling career, less stress, and to be done with the crippling mom guilt that she couldn't seem to shake no matter what. Caroline learned to be supported, stop controlling and micromanaging everything, doing shit she hated (but felt she had to) and relax more so she could enjoy motherhood more and feel free to figure out what REALLY satisfied her. She quit her stressful job, turned her side hustle passion into a business and is now taking better care of herself, and her relationships.

"As an ambitious working mom, I struggled with overwhelm for years and would come home to my family after work stressed, drained, unfulfilled, and feeling like I had nothing left to give. I felt guilty for being unhappy with what looked like a successful life from the outside. After several months into working with her Emilie I'm a completely different woman! Emile has helped me see myself in a positive light, become a happier mom, gotten me out of my negative ways, and is now empowering me build a more fulfilling and meaningful career. I can't imagine where I'd be now without Emilie!"

- Caroline Wilder - Phineas Street Vintage School


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I can't wait to show you what comes next when you say YES to yourself, to your dreams, to the MORE you know you were meant for.

I can't wait for you to feel better, more empowered, and excited about life's possibilities again.

I can't wait for you to claim the big, audacious, fulfilling life that is waiting for you.

Let's go!