Rediscover the fun and freedom of summer break, learn to find & follow the magic you’re missing, and fall in love with life right now, so you can experience

the most epic summer ever!




We start June 1st!

take my money I'm in!
I've declared this my hot, healthy, wealthy, rich bitch summer...wanna come along?

A few weeks ago I decided that this summer is going to be the best fucking summer of my life.

After working my ass off for decades, dedicating my summers to school, making money, and dragging my 4 kids to dozens of activities, I haven't had an EPIC leisurely, fun, sexy summer since the turn of the last century.

Remember when working on your tan, lemon juicing your hair, and finding some cute boys to crush on at the mall was the only things on your to do list?

I wanna bring that energy back!

I want to rediscover the energy of adventure and exploration, of self care and fun and flirting and feeling excited at unknown possibilities.

I want to wake up and wonder "What magic might today bring?"

"What memory will I make and look back on fondly one day?"

"What am I in the mood for?"

You know, really big, existential questions like...

"Will I laugh so hard I pee my pants, create new inside jokes, make new best friends, smooch that cute guy or find the perfect pair of cut off shorts?"

I want to lighten the fuck up.

I want to sing along to Jack and Diane with the windows down and the wind in my hair.

I want a killer tan without worrying about SPF.

I want to sneak strawberry Boone's Farm into my water bottle.

I want to eat fried baloney sandwiches, neon orange handfuls of generic Cheetos, and never a damn vegetable. Okay, maybe not this...but THIS feeling.

Freedom. Fun. Pleasure. Play.

I know the adult version of this will look a bit different (figuring out HOW to do this is my objective after all) and while I still have kids to take care of and responsibilities to navigate, I am committed to creating this level of FUN and FREEDOM, even as a busy mom.

On a whim, I decided to bring you along, because, how FUN does this sound?  And it's gonna make me up my game if I know you're watching. Plus, I'm not a regular mom. I'm a cool mom and I want more cool moms to hang out with.

Also, let's face it...most of us are missing that kind of silly, safe, ride or die sisterhood we had when we were young, and while I can't promise you'll meet your new BFF (although you might!) I can promise you're gonna feel inspired, excited, and motivated to shake things up, see summer differently, and learn to loosen that death grip of control. 

You had me at lemon juice highlights ☀️


We start June 1st!

Pass the lemon! 🍋

Have we met?

I’m Emilie, a recovered "good girl" and "perfect mom" gone wild 😎. After doing everything the "right way" for like 3 decades I finally decided to find myself and figure out what I actually wanted to do instead of what I thought I had to do to "get it right"

Today I'm a life+success coaching help big dreaming, successful, but boredAF moms:

🔥Stop living for everyone else

💖Figure what turns her on

⚡️Go from martyr to model

😎 Build her fuck yes life

Enough about that. Here's what you really need to know about me ⬇️⬇️⬇️


I have 4 awesome kids (one of whom just got his driver's license thank you baby Jesus), a crazy Wheaten Terrier named Teddie, a rock star husband who supports all my wild ideas, and far too much laundry to ever stay caught up.

We love cross country roadtrips in our Honda Odyssey, hanging out at high school football games, fighting over screen time limits, and swapping favorite Simpson's quotes.

I'm a Midwestern 80s kid and clearly trying to replicate the magic of my youth. I spent my summers drinking from the hose, coming home when the street lights came on, corn detassling, cruising the strip in my friend's convertible feeling like THE BOMB, and worrying about absolutely nothing except enjoying myself. 

Most of all, I'm a mom on a mission to detonate all the rules and shatter every expectations about what a good wife, mother and woman should do. I want to be a model NOT a martyr to my 4 young kids. After spending a lifetime listening to others, I'm ONLY available to do what I want, how I want, my way. It took me way too long to learn I can be both an amazing wife and mother AND a whole, hot, healthy, wealthy thriving WOMAN.  I'm here to show all the moms who want this too, where to begin and how to make it happen.

enough about me, back to the summer camp

How's it gonna work?

Honestly? I don't know yet.

I am determined to keep this fun, easy, and MY most epic summer too. I'm not interested in over thinking this to death.

The best experiences happen organically after all, so I'm gonna let the next 90 days demonstrate how easy, fun, and magical life can get when you stop "figuring" everything out in advance.

Together we're gonna experience how exciting life gets when get out of the damn way and let the Universe surprise and delight you.

It will NOT be a course or program in the traditional sense (yawn).


It's gonna to run June 1st -  September 1st.

There will be a FB group, weekly themes, trainings, and some guest "counselors" to teach on topics and facilitate some mind bending discussions and juicy conversations.

I'll help you get clear on your intentions and what you want to experience this summer, and be there to support you as you work through whatever shit comes up on why you can't or how to make it happen.

Together we're gonna practice focusing on pleasure and embodying the energy of "freedom and fun" even as a busy moms.

Mostly this will be an inspirational, educational, and motivational  accountability space to declare yourself a priority so I'll be doing check ins, encouraging sharing, and pushing you to not give up on yourself.

I'm also thinking prizes, giveaways, and contests! (and girl, I give away THE BEST swag)

Why we still talking?

let's get this party started! I'm IN!

A few final things...

You bring your friends and I'll bring mine, okay?

When you sign up you'll get some details on how to share with a friend and claim a free gift for you and her when you both join.

Virtual connections can be amazing, but I would love for you to have someone to share this experience with IRL.

I'm still chatting and checking availability with my incredible friends, but here's who for sure will be joining us.

Unicorn Mermaid Goddess, Nicole Syverson

That's what I call her anyways.

You can call her a trauma informed life coach with over 20 years experience teaching women to channel their emotions & release trauma from their body and BFF who has seen all my ugly fears and still loves me anyways, (She's also helped me heal profoundly by being the most incredible human to walk planet earth).

Massage therapist, 800+ hours yoga instructor, life coach trained under Martha Beck, Nutrition certified, master of the Feminine Arts with Mama Gena and Dr. Demartini, she guides clients to heal their relationship with their body, regulate their nervous systems for emotional healing and authentic empowerment for transformations that sticks.

Learn more about Nicole here

My Human Design Coach,

Ranya Ahmed

After changing her life and career “a couple of time” and moving to the other side of the globe, Ranya was on a mission to find her true self and purpose.

Through understanding and embodying her Human Design, Ranya was able to find and fall in love with her authentic self, bring back the joy to her life, improve her relationship with others and run an exciting business.

Ranya has 10 years experience in Training & Coaching and is gonna break down Human Design. FIND OUT YOUR DESIGN HERE & come ready to learn more!

Connect with Ranya here

Menstrual Coach & Sex Educator I'm Obsessed With, April Davis

Sex educator, speaker, consultant, doula, photographer, birth assistant, serious badass, friend, and creator of The Vagina Blog, April is the wise, unabashed, nothing is off limits big "sis" we all need.

Not only is she is one of the most liberated, smart, sexy, funny, and creative people I've ever met, she's a fierce advocate for women everywhere. Her community empowers women and vagina owners to love themselves fully while bringing light to taboo topics we just don't talk about enough. 

April is gonna host a Q&A Girl Talk to answer all our most embarrassing and "dirty" questions.

Learn more about April here

Polarity Coach Who Rocked My World+Biz, Sophie Josephina

As an expert in masculine/feminine energies, Sophie helps men & women break free from their deepest patterns in all things - from relationships, to within ourselves, to business, to money to dancing with the cosmos, so life can have it's way with you.

Sophie's Sky Daddy course and Deeper Business program shifted me profoundly and is one of the reasons I'm here hosting this program and creating it in this FUN FREE way today. 

This chat on science and spirituality, mystical and practical, dark and light within us is gonna blow your damn mind and leave squirming & begging for  more.

Learn more about Sophie here

More guests coming soon!

Can't wait to announce the rest of our incredible guest camp counselors...coming soon!


This is exactly what I need! I can't wait to get started!


We start June 1st!

I want the best summer ever! 😎