The Search for Power in All the Wrong Places

Women are constantly searching for the source of our power. 

We look for it in belonging.

We look for it in excellence and achievement.

We look for it men, thinking their attention and admiration makes us worthy. 

We build beautiful families, businesses, and careers, believing power resides upon the mountain top moments and if perhaps we climb high enough, we’ll feel tall.

Maybe up here we’ll be seen?  

Perhaps if we’re so good, too good to ignore they won’t ignore us?

You have lost your way in a world that trains women for goodness, self abandonment, and to find acceptance anywhere but in themselves.

You can’t feel your way forward because you’re precariously teetering upon perfection, holding your breath, terrified if you make one wrong move, one misstep, it will all come crashing down.

You cling to control while courting chaos, believing you are master of our own destiny (taking all of the responsibility and all of the blame), while also deferring to the world’s demands

Reacting instead of responding 

Over giving instead of receiving.

Wishing instead of deciding.

In fast growing feminist world, you feel anything but feminine.

You’re a good girl, but not a free one. 

We’re told by the wise ones “the power lives within” but what does that mean? 

We misinterpret it to mean that…

It lies within us to do the work on the right things that will give us power…

that it lies within the choices we make to shape our outer life…still ultimately believe power is bestowed upon us from out there, spending all of our energy, attention, and focus outward, never knowing the inner world is actually where our power really lives

The world within us, behind closed doors, deep down at places we don’t talk about parties.

The secrets we hide even from ourselves, the dreams of life unlived…

the millions of tiny heartbreaks that we’ve slathered “strength” over that we think protects us but that only keep the light out.

The fertile soil of our imagination we’ve forgotten how to water…

The dreams we didn’t sow…

The rage threatening to boil over….

The glimmers of magic visible to our eyes only….

The millions of memories unleashed from a familiar song…

Identities we’ve tried and rejected but learned from…

Here in the dark, beyond your forced smile through clenched teeth, polished Facebook posts and political correctness, You reside.

The Woman within is your guide-ess.

She speaks to us through her anger, her pain, her longing and her want.

She keeps us up at night fighting our shoulds and our musts. She digs in her heels, protests and thrashes against your chronic self abandonment, but you can barely hear her muffled screams.

You’ve buried her beneath the world’s expectations

We don’t know what’s missing, what to change, or why the life we thought would satisfy us, doesn’t…but she knows.

She has answers to questions we haven’t thought to ask, dreams for us we wouldn’t dare to dream, and a knowing of how to walk us towards more than we can fathom.

It’s time to find your way back home, no matter how busy you are, no matter what’s on your plate, no matter the excuses.

I’m here to hold your hand and walk you home, so you don’t get lost, distracted, or afraid along the way.

I’m here to help you find the courage to prioritize yourself, to set boundaries and find courage to say “no” to everything out there that prevents you from saying yes to yourself.

I’m here to teach you to discern the whispers of your soul from the screams of your fear.

I’m here to help you learn the language of emotion, intuition, inspiration and creativity so you can better hear it every day.

I’m here to show you how to romanticize the ordinary moments and to see with “soul eyes” so that you can return home many times in an average day, no matter how busy you are.

I’m here to renew your belief in magic, mystery, and miracles.

I’m here to lead you until you know how to lead yourself.

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