The price we pay to be good

They blamed us for original sin,

They burned us at the stake,

They sold and traded us like horses,

They objectified, used us, abused us and decided our fates,

They trained us to be good

Powerful, strong, confident women were domesticated long ago.

We not only carry the trauma of our ancestors in our DNA, but have learned from our mothers and grandmothers, culture and society that the world prefers pretty, silent girls to those with a voice and the audacity to use it.

We learn very early on that in order to be safe, to be loved, and to be successful we better be good girls.



Smart but not too smart






And we’ve fallen for it

We keep playing by their rules, trying to prove and earn our way towards worth, believing that if we’re only BETTER then we’ll get the relief and the rewards we are chasing.

But you will never find power in the places that took it from you to begin with.

We can’t work hard enough, be thin enough, pretty enough or successful enough for a world that despises us.

The world as we know it is literally dependent upon women’s internalized shame, for what might happen if we stopped asking permission and did what we want?

What if started caring for ourselves more than everyone else.

What if we said what we wanted, did what we needed, took what was ours, and other people’s perception of us be damned?

How different might this world be if women knew that they were already worthy and no longer wasted their precious time:

❤️‍🩹worrying about what other people think

❤️‍🩹trying to prove their value

❤️‍🩹being who others want them to be 

Think of how much more LIFE we could experience, PLEASURE we could feel, and if we redirected that energy into giving to ourselves?

We’re easy to shame and even easier to control

And until we stop “trying to get it right” and prove our worth to a world that doesn’t want us to win, we’ll continual to feel less than, not good enough, and unsuccessful (no matter how perfect we are)

We have been taught to forget our power by those who were wise to fear it.

There’s only one way to take it back. It’s not by performing to their standards, not by chasing external success, not by achieving and doing like men, not by being better, working harder, or changing a fucking thing.

We must reclaim our wholeness before we can receive what we are chasing from the world.

No one can protect you from your own mind and if you knew how enormously powerful you are, you would be so much more careful in what you tell yourself, believe about yourself, and allow yourself to focus on.

We have the power to decide we are worthy before the “evidence” supports it.

We have the power to choose ourselves, say no, set boundaries, protect our time, and claim what is ours.

We have the power to withstand being unpopular, misunderstood, and judged because until we learn to follow our own path and do life our own way, we will forever be unsatisfied (and feeling like something is missing).

Breaking this cycle is hard.

Knowing HOW to begin and WHY it’s so much more important than you realize, is crucial.

It will also change everything in your life from your marriage, to your money, your business, and everything in between.

YOU are that powerful.  

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