The day I enrolled in my first online course I sobbed. It was $500 but might as well have been $50,000. I was terrified. Was I worth this level of personal investment? The day I launched my passion project, a blog for moms who wanted more out of motherhood, I was terrified. Who was I to have a voice and the audacity to use it? The day I signed up for my first half marathon, I wanted to puke. I had never run anywhere near that distance before, could I do it? 

The day I invested $7800 of our family income into a 6 month group coaching program to help me learn how to coach and start my business, my hands shook. Was I really betting on myself and going for it? What if I failed and wasted our hard earned money? 

Every first in growing my business, going live, sharing my prices, telling the world I was a coach, asking people to pay me, and explaining what I was doing to friends and family was next level terrifying.

Every.single.time I pushed myself to the next level, it was scary. Fear has been my co-pilot in this personal and professional journey and yet, I refuse to let it take the wheel. Fear will never again stop me from pursuing my desires and going for my big dreams. I’ve accepted fear is a part of next level living. Entrepreneurs, leaders, and pretty much anyone we see totally crushing it all felt the fear and did it anyways. Bravery isn’t about not feeling fear. It’s feeling the fear and doing it anyways. It’s a cliche because it’s true. The sooner I came to accept that a safe and comfortable journey would never get me to the life I craved, the less I allowed fear to slow me down.

Yes, fear tried to take over many times. It dressed up as logic and wisdom often, claiming to have my best interest at heart. It told me I’d lose friends and family, it told me I’d fail, it told me I couldn’t handle success, it told me it would be too hard, that I wasn’t enough, it told me all sorts of lies to keep me “safe,” to keep me from stepping one inch outside of my comfort zone. 

I now see fear for what it is, an irrational response to a perceived threat. Fear doesn’t want me to succeed because fear has no imagination. It can’t dream of possibility, it doesn’t trust, it has no belief or hope or drive for more. Its only interest is keeping me exactly where I am. But I know something fear doesn’t…we were not made to stagnate.

Everything in nature is meant to evolve into its full potential, including you. To deny your soul’s growth is like asking a flower not to bloom. It simply doesn’t know how not to blossom. You cannot restrict a flower’s unfolding and you cannot contain your own, not without suffering. 

Growth is scary, but it’s also necessary. Will you suffer through your fears and become the woman you’re being called to be or will you spend the rest of your life fighting her unrelenting will to rise?

Yes, stepping into your potential is scary. Yes you’ll feel vulnerable and afraid. Yes you’ll doubt yourself and worry and continually wrestle with fear.

Do it anyways.


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