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For the woman who has had enough.

For the woman who is done wondering when she'll be enough or if she's done enough and is ready to learn how to feel worthy NOW.

LIVE 6 week coaching program + Voxer shared space

5 teachings & homework

Live Q&As + Coaching

sisterhood community 



💖 you’re tired of not feeling good enough, trying to be better, self improve, and figure out what you need to fix or change about yourself to get what you want

💖 you feel like no matter how hard you try, you always fall short of the results you know you are capable of achieving

💖 you believe that if you were only better, you’d be able to be, do, and have so much more than you have right now

💖 you feel like a failure, fraud, or fear something is inherently wrong with you because you can’t seem to achieve what other women are achieving 

💖 you want to stop being so hard on yourself but don’t know how to do that while also working towards your big dreams

💖 you’re ashamed of parts of yourself and some of your “dirty” desires, or feel the need to hide who you really are from the world for fear of not being liked, accepted, or understood.

💖 you’re simultaneously craving a BIGGER life while feeling terrified of standing out, being judged, or called out for not being worthy of it.

💖 you are consumed by busyness, taking care of others, and doing it all and don’t know how to make space for your needs, dreams, and desires without letting down the people who count on you

💖 you feel powerless to make change, stuck in the same negative patterns, and don’t know what is holding you back. 

💖 you consider yourself a hard work, get shit done, strong woman - but you’re terrified of dropping the ball, falling apart, or letting people down if you don’t keep it all under control - and you’re exhausted, on edge, and running on adrenaline 

💖 you want to fuck the patriarchy - you’ve got to understand how you are a part of it and perpetuating it before you can bring it down



  • Why no matter how hard you work or how much you do, it will never be enough + what to do instead
  • The domestication of women, the cycle of fear & dependance, and why we’re coded to be good above all else (and how that holds us back from creating the life we're meant for)
  • What your desire for success and more money reveals about your true unmet desires (and how to give ourselves what we're really want)
  • How to find your way back to the brave, wild, girl within who knows how to get everything you're chasing in the most pleasurable way possible.
  • Discovering who are without your accomplishments, achievements, and beyond the roles you fill and how to fully leverage and embrace the parts of yourself you thought you had to leave behind to succeed. 
  • Why the world benefits from your self doubt, sets you up to fail, and will never give you what you think it will.
  • Meeting your shadows and liberating the “bad girl” who is tired of being good and ready to free 
  • The gift of your pain, rage, fears, and darkness + how to use them to heal your tired soul
  • How to stop chasing that which will never satisfy you (and what to do instead)
  • and much more!



Lesson 1: The Domestication of the Wild Woman and the Legacy of Fear

Lesson 2: The Search for Power in All the Wrong Places and Price We Pay for Success

Lesson 3: Our Innate Longing for Significance, Influence, and a Purposeful Existence

Lesson 4: The Descent: How to Dance with our Darkness, Meet Who You Really Are, Embrace Your Shadows, and Feel Fully Worthy as You Are

Lesson 5: The Audacious Art of Living as a Woman Who Already Knows She's Worthy

HOMEWORK: Reflection questions and specific instructions on how to apply what you've learned to your life and business

2 LIVE COACHING CALLS: Support, connection, and coaching to help you integrate the teachings