What if you didn’t have to do it all alone?

What would it feel like to be guided and supported, to have help, sisterhood, mentorship, and inspiration in your backpocket throughout each day?

How much easier would it be to grow your career AND be the mom you want to be if the weight of it all wasn’t solely on your shoulders?

What if you could achieve big AND have the time and energy to enjoy it?

What if you could be the mom you want to be and take your career to the next level at the same time?

what if you really could have it all without sacrifice?


This exclusive, high level mastermind is by invitation or application only.

Part coaching, part sisterhood, real time access, high energy and high expectations to catapult you into your next level of personal development and professional success, WITHOUT working harder. This mastermind is an ongoing container of growth, support, elevation and expansion. 

There is no minimum commitment. Join when you like. Stay until you feel complete. 

The purpose of this Mastermind is to help you have it all, without settling.

This is a place to set wild, unrealistic, big dreams and have the support, accountability, and guidance to make them happen.  We’re creating magic here.


I want this for me, for you….for every woman everywhere who was told she had to choose, who is tired of being torn between what she wants and what she thinks is possible, who has the audacity to believe she doesn’t have to compromise or settle (even if she doesn’t know how the hell to make it happen).

Hi. I'm Emilie.

Mom of 4, wife, daughter, sister, runner, homemade pizza making, spaghetti loving, weight lifting, bourbon drinking, multiple 6 figure life and success coach for the ambitious mom who wants it all.  I’m done accepting what feels possible and am going for the unreasonable, unrealistic life that’s calling to my spirit.

As a stay at home mom with nothing more than a desire to find my purpose, share my story and serve other moms, I’ve grown my hobby blog to a multiple 6 figure coaching business in under 3 years. Growing my revenue over 400% each year, generating multiple 6 figures while doing all things #momlife for my 4 young kids….unrealistic goal getting is the name of my game.

I’m tenacious, relentless, and fully committed to my big dreams. 

Happy marriage, happy kids, lots of family time, travel, self love and self care in all areas….I walk the walk. I’m not perfect, faaaaaaar from it. What I am is a real mom doing the real work to be better than I was yesterday. 

Every day I get a little wiser, a little better, and little more of the woman I know I am meant to be.  

I am committed to being my best self and giving the best of me to my family, to my clients, to my one wild and precious life.

wanna join me?

I am so excited to announce a brand new, high level, high vibe, high touch container for the woman who is ready to expand and elevate into the badass she knows she was meant to be. For the mom who wants success without settling, quantum growth without compromise, and power WITH pleasure.


✨ life is good, great in many ways even, but you know it’s not as good as it could be and that you aren’t really showing up as the badass you truly are

 ✨ you’re craving more space, more time to relax, play and enjoy this beautiful life you’ve built but aren’t sure how to do it AND continue to grow & succeed 

✨ you’re sick of feeling guilty…..guilty for your success, guilty for wanting more, guilty for working too much, guilty, guilty, guilty

✨ you’ve got a lot of competing priorities and big ideas, things you want to do and create but knowing which to prioritize and what should come first leaves you frantic, overwhelmed, and often running in 10 directions at once

✨you’ve been hanging out in your comfortable success zone, afraid to rock the boat or bring on more stress or struggle, instead of taking the next big risk, scary leap or growth opportunity

✨you're tired of working like you don’t have a family and tending to your family like you don’t have a job and feeling like both are suffering (while you are totally lost in between)

✨you want ALL areas of your life to thrive, work together better, and feel complimentary instead of competing….more self care, exercise, play, relaxation, romance, travel, family and career success

✨ you are sick of childless people telling you how to grow your career without the slightest understanding of the invisible, emotional, and mental labor of being a mom and running a household. 

✨you do an amazing job taking care of everyone and every thing but you are ready to be supported, to feel lifted instead of the one who lifts, and stop doing it all alone

✨your career is getting too much of your time, energy, and attention but you don’t know how to continually move it forward while slowing down 

✨ you're tired of being the most successful woman in the room, downplaying your good life and achievements, holding back your audacious dreams and big wins as to not make others feel bad

✨ you are no longer available to settle for less than EVERYTHING your heart desires


Trust me when I say, you aren’t alone. But most importantly, you don’t have to do it alone. The power of the feminine is undeniable. 

real results!

The Mastermind is a powerful, feminine vortex that's going to elevate and expand you into your next level.

Wondering what the hell that means?

Simply, being in a group of high vibe women going for their big audacious goals, celebrating their wins, and sharing their successes will literally lift you up too.

Excellence is contagious!

You'll not only remember what you forgot, see what's possible for you too, and start showing up differently, you'll also feel the real, tangible benefits of being in community with other kick ass women raising kids, running companies, kicking ass, and crushing their goals.

Nothing is off limits. In this sisterhood we're covering....

🔥 effortless time management

🔥powerful, energy, alignment and manifestations

🔥setting & holding strong boundaries

🔥walking through fear of taking risks and big leaps

🔥 navigating challenging relationships and outgrowing old friendships

🔥parenting in a way that inspires, not sniffles, your kids' fullest potential

🔥raising your prices (or asking for a raise) & charging your worth

🔥hiring help and support

🔥investing in the WHOLENESS of your success in all areas

🔥health and fitness goals, personal challenges, and being & feeling your best

🔥getting your needs met

🔥accessing and harnessing your intuition

🔥falling in love with your body

🔥healing the sisterhood wound

🔥un-domesticating the wild woman within

🔥and so much more!


"Hiring Emilie has been so life changing for me!! I've been working with Emilie for almost 6 months now and A LOT has changed, and ALL for the better.  When I started working with her I was at a plateau in my business and trying to figure out why. Not only did Emilie help me see past this and work through it, but I've since started a new business and hit my first $20k month! I went from $4k, to $13k and now $20k months! I'm so completely happy where I am today!"

- Holly Daniel business coach and found @ This Toddler Life 

"Emilie's program has been life changing on all levels- personal & business! I can’t remember the last time I felt so alive and so sure of who I am as a person! And holy crap has my business taken off! I know big things are coming and all I have to do is sit back and wait! I love this!!"

- Kellie Woolsey, virtual assistant @TheSimpleAssistant.

“Before I came across Emilie I thought all the answers I was seeking were somewhere out there. Emilie has helped me get in touch with my inner self and trust that more than anything else. She empowered me to take a leap of faith into my “someday dream” and make it happen now. I am in love with my new journey and forever grateful to Emilie’s encouragement, guidance, and support."

- Vanya Taha, SAHM Life Coach

“Giiirrrlll !! I fucking did it $10,000 baby !! Thanks so much for everything ❤️❤️❤️!!!  If it weren’t for you helping me to learn to set my boundaries !! And just know and already claim it as mine and done it would of taken me away longer to reach this goal!!"

- Janell Mosbach, Owner + Massage Therapist @ MuscleTalk Massage and Sauna Therapy

"I joined Emilie’s Badass Bossmom academy in March and she opened my eyes to a whole new way to live my life! Instead of doing the hustle and grind like so many suggest to get to where you want in life, really taking a step back and working on myself has made a huge impact in my life. I had no idea a simple concept such as feeling good and feeling into what you want as you already have it can change so much in a short amount of time. I also got the chance to work 1 on 1 with Emilie and it was the best investment besides joining the academy! She really helped me figure out where I want to go in life and how quickly I can have that life by living each day like I’m already there. It was truly divine timing that our paths crossed!"

- Amanda Newston, Horse Creek Bookkeeping Services

"When they make a movie about my business success, Emilie's program will be the beginning of the strengthening montage. Her content was engaging and her resources fully ripped the roof off my mindset so I could finally grasp and embrace my global do-gooding aspirations. During her live calls, her compassionate, point-blank honesty was critical in helping me confront personal blocks and taking the big, scary, next steps necessary to level up. Plus the community of crazy tough, badass women is invigorating. If you’re reading this far, you belong here. Invest in yourself!" 

- Kendall Andrews-Creek, Owner @ IQ Bookkeeping


* My entire current content library, trainings, courses, and bundles (including the Badass Bossmom Academy) as well as any new programs I launch during your time in the Mastermind

* Private 1:1 welcome call for me to get to know you better, help you get clear on your specific goals, and set you up for success

* Every other week live group Mastermind Zoom coaching calls with specific business and personal segments designed to support you in setting, working towards, and staying accountable to your goals

* Daily Voxer chat with me and your Mastermind sisters for real time Q&A, motivation, support and vibe upgrades as you work through every day life and biz

* 1 In person 2 day VIP live retreat* at a 5 star location complete with live coaching & transformational exercises, high vibe dining, group activities and more (*subject to change, details, date, and destination TBD)


Pay in full for 6 months $15k (current Badass Bossmom Academy members $12k)

Payment plan: First month $11k + $888/month thereafter (monthly payment begins 30 days after the first month deposit. Current Badass Bossmom Academy Members $10k down + $888/month)



If you feel the mastermind is right for you, or just want to learn more go ahead and apply above

After I review your application, we'll schedule a brief chat to make sure you are the right fit and get you all signed up. Once you're signed up, you'll receive an email with all the information:

* how to schedule your  1:1 private intensive

* where to access your member dashboard and my entire content library

* the dates and times of our bi-monthly coaching calls,

* how to join the group Voxer chat where most of our discussions and coaching will be taking place.

Once you pay the deposit (or 6 month pay in full), the next month you'll be enrolled in the monthly auto renewal at the $888 rate until you notify me your time is complete.